Practice Areas

Debt Relief


Matthee Attorneys specializes in the following areas of debt assistance;

  • Debt administration

  • Voluntary distribution

  • Debt review

  • Sequestration

  • Rehabilitation

  • Debt negotiation

  • Name clearance from credit bureaus

  • Rescission of judgements


We also assist people to clear their credit record and to cancel unwanted and illegal deductions from their payslip and/or bank account.

Family law


Family law matters are usually emotional. Our team will with the greatest of care, attend to all your family law related matters. We assist with the following;

  • Child maintenance and visiting rights

  • Maintenance

  • Divorce

  • Family violence interdict

Make sure that your rights are not compromised and contact us to assist you.

It is not always in your interest to settle your divorce yourself. Contact us to advise you on your settlement.



Do you sometimes feels frustrated because people and/or companies are harassing you?

Remember that the Harassment Act helps people to get an interdict against any of the following:

  • Creditors harassing you for payments

  • Neighbours harassing you whether or not it is a dog barking or a neighbor nagging

  • When unwanted people visit your house

  • When you are pestered with electronic devices, including sms's, emails or other devices

  • When people are threatening you

Don't fall victim to unnecessary harassment. 

Wills, Estates & Trusts


Make sure to have your will drafted by an attorney. You can save your estate a large amount of money if it is planned properly. 

Trusts are a trusted way to protect your assets. By using a Trust you can ensure that your loved ones are looked after when you are not there any more.

Trusts are not only for the rich, contact us to find out about how a Trust can benefit and protect you and your family.

Civil litigation


Matthee Attorneys is a litigation firm and assists people and companies with all litigation matters. This will include but is not limited to;

  • Unpaid bills

  • Motor vehicle accidents

  • Delictual damages

  • Breach of contracts

  • Conduct between neighbours 

  • Animal related matter

  • Damages caused by plants

  • Family related litigation 

If you were in a collision, do not assume that you were the guilty party. Ask a professional to assess the facts and come to a conclusion. This may save you thousands of rands. 

Commercial law

Before you begin your new business contact us to assist you with;


  • Contracts

  • Closed Corporation and companies

  • Trusts 

  • Tax law

  • Shareholders agreements

  • All legal documentation

  • FICA and POPI documentation

  • Registration at the receiver

Remember that directors, trustees and members can be held personally responsible if they do not run their companies, trusts and closed corporations in line with current legislation. Contact Matthee Attorneys to make sure that you do not fall victim to personal claims.

Matthee Attorneys covers a whole range of legal areas. If they are in any way not qualified to assist you with your legal problem, they will refer you to the best qualified attorney known to them to help.